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Studying at the nba比分直播nba比分直播

"Art cannot be taught. There are no rules for art; it emerges from the human being, from their experience of self and world, which they express using artistic means." C nba比分直播 (1973)

The core of all degree programs at the nba比分直播nba比分直播 is the students' independent artistic activity, guided within classes led by professors. This central orientation on the working process of all members characterizes the unique study situation at the academy and fundamentally shapes the working atmosphere. The goal of artistic study is to cultivate one's own artistic position, personality, and attitude.

The nba比分直播nba比分直播 offers three degree programs: Fine Arts, Art Education (for secondary and comprehensive schools), and a postgraduate Architecture program. Within these programs, students can choose to specialize in a variety of areas within the broader field of Fine Arts, such as painting, sculpture, photography, new media, stage design, etc., based on the profile of their respective class. All artistic degree programs incorporate courses in art-related sciences including art history, philosophy, sociology, pedagogy, and didactics.

In the artistic programs C apart from the advanced Architecture program C there are no postgraduate programs. However, in the art-related sciences, it is possible to pursue a PhD.

The nba比分直播nba比分直播 provides its students with excellent working conditions in 23 classes led by internationally renowned artists, as well as in the Architecture class (supervised by four professors). As part of their studies, students have access to well-equipped, artistic-technical facilities (workshops) under the guidance of experienced teachers. The study is accompanied by a broad range of teaching offerings in the art-related sciences.

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Graduation, class of Prof. Rita McBride, photo: Florian Bittner