Prof. John Morgan

Professor für Entwurf, Typographie und Buchkunst


Prof. John Morgan
Eiskellerstr. 1
D-40213 nba比分直播

The title of the Professorship ‘Entwurf, Typographie und Buchkunst’ reflects the main focus of John’s studio practice. The class is comprised of and welcomes: typographers, painters, editors, art directors, sculptors, publishers, performers and writers amongst others. We seek positions and ways of working where these distinctions matter less. All class members are enrolled to the nba比分直播as students of Freie Kunst (Free Art) and determine their own practice.


There is no direct English translation of the German word ‘Entwurf’. The verb ‘Entwerfen’ comes from werfen, ‘to throw’. Literally, ‘Entwurf’ means ‘out-throw’ or ‘throw-open’. It originally meant ‘to form a picture, design’ in weaving. It then came to apply to literary and mental formation. Today entwerfen typically means ‘to sketch, design, draft, plan, outline’. The older sense of ‘throwing-open’ has also been translated as ‘projection’, from the Latin ‘proicere’, ‘to throw forward’.

Raum 106

Is a class, a studio, a library and a publication. Each year, alongside individual practice, the class works collaboratively to design and produce a publication ‘Raum 106’. Through this exercise the class studies macro and micro typography, book-making and the paratext.

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