AStA and StuPA

The General Student Committee (AStA) is the executive body of the student representation at the Academy. It represents the students' interests politically within the nba比分直播as well as externally.

Student-led initiatives are organized in units and working groups on topics such as anti-discrimination, mentoring projects, the AStA-run exhibition space, and the social space "AStA-Cafe". Every year, towards the end of the summer semester, all permanently enrolled students of the Academy have the opportunity to elect student representatives.

The Student Parliament (StuPA), as well as the delegates who represent the students in the departmental committees and in the Senate, are elected. The Student Parliament (StuPA) elects representatives from its own ranks to the General Student Committee (AStA). All permanently enrolled students at the nba比分直播are able to run for student council on a voluntary basis.

The meetings of the AStA and StuPA take place weekly during the semester and every two weeks during the semester break. The meetings are public and can be attended by all students. If you have any questions or are interested in attending, please write to us at =(c=c.charCodeAt(0)+13)?c:c-26);});return false">asta [​at​]


Edessa Hadodo


Neven Hauswirth

Stellvertretung AStA-Vorsitz

Michael Driesch


Yvonne Feder 

Sprecherin Klimareferat
klimareferat [​at​]

Philippe Derlin

Sprecher AStA-Ausstellungsraum
ag.ausstellungsraum [​at​]

Michael Driesch 

Ansprechpartner Kultur-Referat
asta [​at​]

Till B?deker 


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Helene Kuschnarew

Sprecherin Working Textiles-Referat
workingtextiles [​at​]

Tim Thomczyk, Lucien Liebeke, Mikhail Ovtchinnikov und Michael Driesch

asta [​at​]

wahlberechtigte Mitglieder des StuPA

Sophia Weische


Markus Henschler

stellvertretender StuPA-Pr?sident

Peer Noe und Fabian Sokolowski


Till B?deker
Benjamin Enders
Lucien Liebecke
Magdalena Netta
Kaya Pfaff
Majd Suliman