Conflict Counseling

The nba比分直播nba比分直播 sees itself as an institution of diversity, openness, and tolerance. As a meeting place for people in various contexts, it presupposes the principle of human dignity as the highest protected legal good for all people and therefore commits itself in its basic order to contribute to a sustainable, peaceful, and democratic world without discrimination and abuse of personal and institutional power.

However, the meeting of people and their exchange with each other always entails the risk of misconduct and resulting conflicts such as discrimination, violation of the right to sexual self-determination, or violations of other personal rights in the sense of the General Equal Treatment Act.

To ensure safe handling of conflict cases and to protect those affected and those reporting, and ultimately to maintain an environment and climate of respectful and equal coexistence, the following contact persons are available for support.

Babette Bangemann        

Raum Rh 406
Tel.: 0211/1396-452
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Markus L?rwald                 

Raum 017
Tel.: 0211/1396-277
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Dr. Gudrun D?ring-Striening

Rüttenscheider Str. 94-98
45130 Essen
Tel.: 0201/ 8621262
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